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sudden stroke

Ischemic strokes are caused by a blood clot or blockages in the arteries, and hemorrhagic strokes occur when blood vessels rupture. Ischemic strokes are most commonly caused by blockages in the carotid arteries and are responsible for up to 80% of strokes. As people age, arteries become narrowed with rough deposits of plaque called "stenosis". Diseased arteries can clog up completely as the plaque accumulates or can be shut down by clotting conditions called "embolism" and "thrombosis". When the arteries become plugged, the blood is no longer able to reach the brain and stroke results.


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It may be good but it's still better if neurologist can be present physically anytime they're needed to evaluate patients record.


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Another problem with taking such meds is that incase your blood becomes to thin and you start bleeding your pretty much dead.

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And to stop the cascade of neuronal death after tPA is administered we need to start researching hyperacute therapies that stop glutamate poisoning, excitotoxicity and open the capillaries that pericytes have closed.


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Definitions To Know

  • Ischemic Stroke
    Death of brain tissue typically due to lack of blood flow or reduced oxygen in the blood.
  • Hemorrhagic Stroke
    Damage to brain tissue due to bleeding in or around the brain.

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