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I had a loss of half vision for 45 minutes that included tunnel vision, and was hospitalized. There was no haemorrhage in the brain and there were no clots in the heart as validated by echos and cathscan with and without contrast. I have been on Plavix 75 mg and baby aspirin last 10 years before since a loss of cosciousness for 1 1/2 hours but not passed out. There wasno memory at that incident. there were no no remnant stroke related neurological dificiencies in both cases. has been now placed only on Agrenox 2 caps a day in stead. This causes severe headaches. There is also talk of that these incidents may be only Migraine attacks. I always had episodes of tunnel vision,complaints about seeing and hearing, stammer car accidents that I could not expalain. Any suggestions? dwarku@yahoo.com

sudden stroke

A stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is blocked, either by blood clots or narrowed blood vessels, or when there is bleeding in the brain. Deprived of nutrients, brain nerve cells begin to die within a few minutes. As a result, a stroke can cause sensory and vision loss, problems with talking and walking, or difficulty in thinking clearly. In many cases, the effects of stroke are irreversible.

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For me, Plavix is better..

James Ferris


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Having said all this, I suppose somewhere in the fog there is a point to it all. My best guess is this is an attempt to explain that when I complain about being exhausted; when I say I would love to do whatever but really, I need to sleep; when I actually sleep for several days and ignore emails and phone calls, it really is simply part of this disease I have. The very best analogy I can come up with only works for some people. I Sometimes I just feel like I've got mono to the power of ten.


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stroke has taken away my father.
i am now aware of stroke attack.

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Plavix is easier to take for patients (once a day versus twice a day).
This is good news.


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  • Ischemic Stroke
    Death of brain tissue typically due to lack of blood flow or reduced oxygen in the blood.
  • Hemorrhagic Stroke
    Damage to brain tissue due to bleeding in or around the brain.

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