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Suzanne R.

What is meant by "mildly elevated glucose." Fasting readings of 110? 130? Just curious. Or is this something only diagnosed with an HbA1c test? It seems such a tightrope to walk, to manage glucose levels only slightly off of normal.

Stroke Doc

Physicians have different criteria for Impaired glucose Tolerance. For myself, if, during a glucose tolerance test, glucose rises above 140mg/dl this is impaired glucose tolerance. If above 200mg/dl, this is diabetes.


The best bet is to eat all natural foods which are mostly low in sugar. Frequent blood sugar testing will show whether or not you have good glucose control.


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bladder control

Whoa, it seems such a tightrope to walk, to manage glucose levels only slightly off of normal.

Sam Nisbett


That is because junk food is full of calories, but low in nutrients.

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We need to eliminate unwanted toxic fat and keep our body healthy.


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